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Innovative responsive web design services for better user experience

Responsive Web Design

We, at Creative Brainz Technologies, offer unique and state-of-the-art web design solutions. For any business, website is the face of the company and its products and services they provide. An aesthetically designed eye-catching website is required to ensure a perfect and well delivery of your professional services. Our expert web design team will create custom SEO-friendly designs that perfectly suit your requirements for clients across the globe.

  • We design interactive and acquainted web portals.
  • Our user interface designers excel at making the website highly user-friendly.
  • The website designed by our creative team is cross browser compatible, and simple to browse.

Our Process

We believe in shaping your business with impeccable, eye-catching websites. With your vision and our creative designers, we will create a website that offers a better user experience.


The goal of consulting is to identify key outcomes that are directly related with an organization’s strategic goals. Clear goals will give a broad vision to the Website designing team and the ability to focus on what will provide the most impact and move the organization forward.
The phases of the Web design process include wire-frames, visual designs, website development, website testing and launching.

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Our analysis team ensures that you’ve considered all the key pages in the site by creating the sitemap, it’s a process of website architecture that includes wireframes. To det a detailed view of the content that will appear on each pages of the website, wireframes are created. Wireframes does not show actual design elements.
After going through your business requirements, we define the best design and positioning strategy for your business.

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Visual Design

Creation of sitemap and wireframes define the actual blueprint for the website. From the visual brand of the organization our designers will determine the overall visual style of the website. Your website takes shape during the designing phase. The layout of the website is designed by the designer.
Our designers work closely with you, exchange ideas, work on various suggestions until the final design for the website is ready.

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Development & Launching

After the final approval of the design and the layout of the website the site is in the creation process. It’s not time to flesh out the design of the webpages. Building out the HTML and CSS of the site is done now. Unique solutions for your creative business are developed depending upon your specific requirements.
Then comes the big day! You’re now ready to launch your website. Your websites are now breathing, living entities so just do not forget to maintain it constantly.