Logo and Branding Concepts

We will create custom logo that suits your company’s personality!

Logo and Branding Design

A unique logo builds a strong brand that expresses the importance of a company’s services, products and it mission towards their customers.
A brand is a promise, a combination of logo, words, designs, colors, personality, services, etc. A brand needs to plant itself in the hearts of customers.

  • Your Logo is the first impression of your company.
  • It builds a strong bond between the company and their customers.
  • It is the main support for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Our Process

Unique Logo and branding ideas gives values and benefits insight into a company.
Creative Logos Creates Great Branding.


Before putting any concept on paper our designers do their research about the field or the industry that helps our creative designers to get a sense of the environment the logo’s going to live in. We understand the latest trends in the specific field.
Researching gives appropriate look and feel to the logo. It depends on the context how different the new logo will be from the others.

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After researching our designers has a solid understanding of the field or industry, we discuss with clients about their visions about their logo our creative designers present the client with two or three possibilities with sketches on initial ideas.
Sketching the logo gives a basic idea, looks and feel about how the new logo will look like. Possible revisions can be done in the sketches before final output.

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The primary forms of the logo will be now digitally constructed. Digital versions allow for quick adjustments, amendments and the ability to efficiently fine-tune the designs. Consideration of the logo is taken in monotone black and white shades.
We believe that a great logo design must look good in any format, in any output. Pulling it all together we jump to the next stage of coloring the logo.

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Once we have the appropriate design of the logo in monotone several color palettes will be integrated into the design which gives an idea about the looks that gives the strongest approach to the logo. Generally, logo looks great in single color or two coloreds.
A multicolored logo looks messed up sometimes. In the entire logo designing process this part ultimately involves many comparisons.

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Final Deliverable

After integrating all the things together and creating a fully digital illustration of the logos, the strongest concept of the logo will be collated into a presentation document. We will show how the logo looks on at different scales on various background colors.
Logo mockups such as a rendering of the design on a business card, letterhead, etc. It helps the client visualizing in a ‘Real World’ settings.