website Top Benefits of Using WordPress to Develop Business Websites

A huge number of blogging platforms have come gone but WordPress has remained constant. Right from its inception in the year 2003, it has evolved from a simple as well as ubiquitous platform for blogging to the most preferred and preeminent open source platform for web development. As of today, WordPress is certainly one of the most preferred as well as widely used CMS or Content Management System. Even some of the top companies of the world are using WordPress for designing and developing their website thereby proving its popularity. So, at this point of time, if you are planning to design and develop a website, it would certainly be a very good idea to choose WordPress. In an addition to this, there are a number of benefits that the users get at the time of using WordPress for the purpose of development of a website.

Cost Effective Nature

WordPress eliminates the need of huge investment cost at the time of designing and developing a website. The cost effective nature of WordPress is one of the biggest advantages that the users get and hence one of the most preferred choice of the web developers. In an addition to this, the maintenance as well as the upkeep expense is cheaper since you can do it all by yourself without the need of hiring a developer or a designer each of the time you need to update the content of your website.

Updating is Easy and Convenient

When you use WordPress as the platform for developing the website, making changes and updating the website is extremely easy as well as convenient. Neither it requires a huge amount of time nor extreme effort for effectively doing the same. You can easily make changes or update the website as and when required. The only thing required is an access to the internet.

Good for SEO Purposes

WordPress comes ready for Search Engine Optimisation purposes. WordPress is completely SEO friendly and the websites so built using the same have very simple and constant codes which makes them just perfect for Google indexing. The SEO components for each of the pages of the website can be customised as per the requirements thereby providing you with control over the pages that you want a higher rank in the results of the search engines. Focusing on SEO campaigns on the high converting pages is quite easy.

Syndication is Convenient

Syndication is one of the most efficient ways for earning inbound links to your site. So, each of the time you create and post a new blog entry, it has the ability to automatically go to an RSS feed thereby making it much easier for the others to syndicate the content of your website across the directories as well as other websites which is necessarily of a great benefit.

Completely Responsive Design

The designing and developing of a website using WordPress makes it complete responsive in nature which enables the users to access the website from any of the available devices like a desktop, laptop, tablet and others. With the sharp and prolific increase in mobile traffic, a completely responsive web design is almost a mandate at this point of time. So, using WordPress website design will allow you to be benefited by its responsive web technology without the need to develop separate websites for different devices.

Upgrading Capabilities are Higher

Using WordPress enhances the upgrading capabilities of the website to a significant extent. The addition of new features as well as functionalities can be a cumbersome task while using traditional websites particularly for the ones that are created using the sophisticated platforms. But when you use WordPress, the case is just the opposite. The plugins can be installed with ease and convenience with only a few steps. Most importantly, the community of WordPress is quite active in nature and almost each of the best practices are documented. So, at any point of time, you need to add a new feature to the website, there are high chances that some other WordPress users have previously done that which is documented. Simply following that would very easily enable you to do the needful for your website.

Suitable for Content Marketing

Today we are living in a world of online marketing of which content marketing forms an essential part. Using WordPress in this regard, provides a great advantage since it is quite aggressive for content marketing. You can update the content of your website in just a matter of few seconds. Most importantly, you can go for this update as frequently as you want to without the need of having to go through a number of complicated steps as in case of the traditional platforms. Also, WordPress allows you to update the design of your website in moments.

Social Media Integration

Social Media platforms in the recent times are ideal for the purpose of promotion and advertising. WordPress comes with an efficient and effective social media integration which allows seamless integration with all of the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. Moreover, you need lot login separately to each of the social media accounts since WordPress does that automatically.

Enhanced Security

With WordPress, you can be assured of an enhanced security of the website. WordPress was previously criticised for poor security but as of now the security is quite tight and hack proof. All you need to do is hire experienced designer and developers.

Transition is Easy

It might happen that you shift from one designer to other in due course of time. So, different persons work on your website. WordPress makes this transition from one designer to the other very easy without any kinds of problems. WordPress development and designing operates on a platform that is universal and open source thereby making the transition easy.
Thus, it can be quite clearly understood as to how beneficial it is to use WordPress at the time of developing a website. So, without any kinds of hesitations, just go for WordPress if you intend to design and develop a website.

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